17 March, 2016

Thrill of the Build for grown ups

We have been running 'Thrill of the Build' events in York for almost 5 months now, and they've been immense fun! It’s been great to see families and friends come together and play together on a Saturday morning.  

However, we've heard that the grown up builders would like to have some of the fun for themselves - a chance to create without "help" or "little hands"! 

So we thought we'd give you the opportunity to get stuck in. Costa have kindly agreed to open up from 6.30pm - 9.00pm on Thursday 7th April 2016.  For £5.00 per adult you will be able to let your imagination loose, and show off your Lego® skills with our "free build" Lego®. You can sit peacefully and build one of a number of sets, ranging from Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings, Lego City and Starwars.  We will also be bringing our more challenging builds, work together to build London Bridge or the Batmobile.

See our blog below for more information about what we mean by 'Thrill of the Build'!

Thrill of the Build

We are so excited to have a venue for our Lego® Club, Thrill of the Build.  Since we had the idea of owning of a Toy Shop in our home town we have wanted to provide a place where toys are enjoyed.  We hope that this Lego® club will be the beginning of this dream. 

We love our toys and we love seeing the joy that they bring.  At the toy fairs we go to, we enjoy helping collectors get the toys that they have been looking for.  Lego® is no exception.  Like Haribo, kids and grown-ups love it so.  Often kids can stand for ages just taking in all the mini figures on display and parents stay with them.  I think Lego® can bring families closer as they discover, create and build together. 

Dom and I are parents too, and know there is only so much Lego® that any child needs, but there is also that feeling that we have described as the Thrill of the Build: just to have a go at building a Minecraft set, or build a part of Lego City.  We personally love the Lord of the Rings collection, but we know it will be built and then left to gather dust or, heart-break of heart-breaks, it gets muddled in with all the rest of the Lego®. 

Our hope is that Thrill of the Build will bring together Lego® fans young and old who will build and create together.

Thrill of the Build will be the first Saturday of the month, see our events page for more details - Thank you

26 February, 2015

Stories from a toy collector

I was on one of my normal routes around the shops.  I called in at the Red Cross and there was a plastic crate overflowing with M.A.S.K. vehicles.  I took them across to the assistant, she told me that she had just spent the last two hours pricing each one.  Then a thought crossed her mind and her face lit up. She asked if I would like to see the other two crates and the big play set.   “Sure, ok” I said, and I bought the lot.  There was almost everything that Kenner made for this toy line. 

This was an excellent collection; any child who had one of these toys would have counted themselves lucky.   All the vehicles were complete with figures, masks and weapons and other items like an alarm clock and bum bag.  All of them were in full working order, including the last production set Laser Command - Ratfang and Hornet (which in my opinion was amazing).  It also included the adventure action pack and the rare Racing Arena with Bruno Sheppard; the only down-side was they were all loose.  It took me days to clean them and to put them in the right sets.  It was worth my while.  My personal favourite was Gator from the first series, the jeep with a roll cage, machine gun and depth charger.  At the push of a button this changed into a speed boat, leaving the shell of the jeep on land. 

I always keep a look out for toys from the 80’s in the hope that I can help other toy collectors add to their collections.

Maybe you have M.A.S.K toys that you would like to sell – get in touch with me at